Morning Star twin fin

The first board I found upon my return to OZ was this late 70's Australian classic Morning star twin  fin. Morning Star was founded by University of North Narabeen graduate Col Smith in 1975. Nick named 'rubberman' for his, at the time, radical moves Col was a classic example of the Australian sponsored surfer/shaper. He shaped for and rode for Keyo Surfboards, McCoy Surfboards and then Terry Fitzgerald's Hot Buttered Surfboards before starting Morning star.
The initials on this board read N.D  or W.D which match none of the known Morning Star shapers in my book who include, Col Smith, Wayne Warner, Ron Ford and Paul Holmes. 
Although Rasta thinks it could be Wayne Deane.

6'2" single fly swallow tail twin fin

Doing some board testing alone in the water at a little south coast NSW reef break.

Around the same time I found this board I found this old book of mine By Laurie McGinness and Peter Crawford thats from the same era and heavily features the feats of Col Smith.

"Col Smith showing why he has been regarded as one of Australia's most radical surfers for nearly a decade" Laurie McGinness 1977.

"Col Smith performing a spectacular back hand re-entry. This maneuver was popularized by Wayne Lynch in the late sixties but in recent years its become Col's trademark" Laurie McGinness 1977.

"Col Smith sweeping smoothly into the coming section" Laurie McGinnes 1977.

Heavy wide and thick. Just the way I like them.

Little left hand floater.


  1. Great article on your web site on Col Smith. I have a few of his boards. What ever happended to him and is he still surfing somewhere. Cant believe the surf mags do not do articles on these legend surfer shapers from the 70s



    1. Col is still surfing & shaping and glassing in Brookvale !

  2. Hi, I found a very similar board to this on today. It is a 6'2 with the initials SOS. Any idea would have shaped this?
    hope that works..
    Cheers Marty