Timpone twin two

From Maui to Australia via California.
I decided to take my 1981 Jeff Timpone shaped 6'2" single fly, swallow tail, vee bottom, twin fin sprayed by Mark Townsend for a run early one morning.
Real early.

The moon was still high and bright in the sky

I did'nt know it till I put the board up on the hand railing. The vee in the tail extends all the way to the nose. It is actually quite pronounced. The board was rocking back and forth threatening to fall from the balcony.

You can see the morning sun shining through Aaron's rooster tail making it glow.

I finally got around to fixing up the tail.

One of the things I love about this board are its foam filled fins. Hand shaped and glassed.

Blinding light, off shore winds, empty waves.

Again look at how much light is shining through the wave illuminating the tail of the board.

Good morning


Yeah, good luck with that back door attempt.

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