Deus & Boardcollector present 'Surf Swap 8' Part 3.- Show and Shine.

The Deus / Boardcollector 'Surf Swap 8' is fast building momentum.
There is room for more than 100 boards to be displayed at the 'Show and Shine' so we should all bring along a handful to share.

My challenge lies in deciding what part of the collection to bring to display.

Do I bring a random assortment of favourites?
Or do I go with a theme?

The easy answer would be go with a theme, i.e,
'Lightning Bolt twin fins'

Or I could go,
'Energy thrusters'

More interesting is,
'Australia v's US made McCoys'

Gavin is inspired to go,
'Hawaiian provenance'

other possible themes could be:
• 'Shapers of Shire -'
• 'University of North Narabeen - Col, Simon, Terry etc'
• 'Echo beach - Californian classics, Stussy, Schroff, Wave tools, US McCoy'

My all time favourite theme would be,
'1982 Stubbies- MR twin fins, McCoy Lazor Zaps, Hot Stuff channel bottoms, Hawaiian T&C twin fins, Safari (Instinct) twin fins from South Africa etc.

Could just keep it simple and go,
'Twin fins from 1978 to 1983'

now for the fun part, getting in to the shed!

September 27th, Bondi Pavilion - See you there.

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