Original 70's Lightning Bolt pin tail.

Stacey from Texas wrote to me-
"Hi-sorry to bother you but I saw your info on the internet. 
I bought a surfboard at a garage sale many years back. 
My kids have just used it as a toy. I finally looked up Gerry Lopez as I had never heard of him . 
Can you tell me if this board has any value?

Gerry Lopez himself was good enough to get in touch. 
He said it looks likes a Lightning Bolt shaped under license (to Hobie in Dana Point) in the mid '70's. It was most likely shaped by Terry Martin (who recently passed away)

Terry Martin

Stacey is not a surfer and she is looking to sell it.
If your willing to organise your own pick up from Texas she is open to offers around $2000
You can contact her at dspurkiss@gmail.com

Stacey's daughter at her 9th birthday!

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