Gerry Wedd

Gerry Wedd is one of the most talented surfer's to come out of the surfless city of Adelaide. Several times state champion, he has a deep understanding of surf history and culture and is the only person to have read every article by Derek Hynd. He is also a talented ceramicist and potter. He has recently produced a series of ceramic tiles that celebrate important, if little know, points in surf history, including some historic innovation period mile stones. You can see the rest of his exhibition on Dain Thomas' s website

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  1. Well, not quite surfless in Adelaide. The mid-coast of SA has great - but inconsistent - waves. Some of the set-ups are immense and when it's on, it's pretty damn good. And it's the southern suburbs of Adelaide. And another half an hour drive and you're hitting the open swells of the southern ocean. Just sayin . . .