Peter Schroff the original Marc Newsom

Peter Schroff is an LA based artist who used to shape surfboards around the same time Shawn Stussy mowed foam in the mid 80's.
He was my idol and I used to texa pen copies of his geometric sprays on my own boards.
Above are 3 examples of his surfboard inspired furniture designs. I'm pretty sure Marc Newsom had a good look at his work for inspiration (see green fibreglass lounge in tp photo).
Anyway, I'm chatting online to my friend in LA other other day. He says "Damion, is there any board you really need for your collection" "I say, yeah, I'd really like to find an original 80's Schroff, but I know its nearly impossible" Next thing I know he sends me shots of his collection of 8 twinny's, thrusters and quads. Oh my God! Look at that!


  1. EXCELLENT BLOG. I'm looking into setting up the El Salvador Surf Museum with 60`s surfari pioneer & legend Bob Rotherham in La Libertad. I started surfing in the 80's and now run the Contemporary Art program at MARTE in San Salvador. Would like to get in contact with you for advise.


  2. OMG! I almost popped a surfboard boner when I saw all those Schroffs! Incredible! My first new surfboard that I ever purchased was a 5'8" Schroff twin fin (1983). It had Star fins. I still have it and I plan on restoring it. It has extreme delamination on the deck. I can't wait to surf it again! Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  3. I have great news. Schroff is coming back. Stay tuned.

  4. Man Schroff was so ahead of his time, I met him sometime in the 80s at the Surf Expo in FL, he had launched his clothing line, which was so far ahead of everyone else, so New Wave as well. I would kill to have a few of my old Schroff T-Shirts.

    All of that stuff would be Hipsteriffic right now 25 years later.