University of Narrabeen, School of Design.

The lagoon fed sand banks of Narrabeen have produced some the finest surfers in Australia. Beginning with Bob Pike & Nat Young then the 'innovation period' crew of Simon Anderson, Terry Fitzgerald, Col Smith, Ron Ford, Grant Oliver, Tom Carrol and many other surfers who made names locally and internationally.
From a design perspective it was home to both the first transition period of surfboard design from long board to short board and the second from one fin to three.
Specifically, Col Smith developed the channel bottom and Simon developed the thruster here.
Everyone is familiar with shots from 'THE SWELL OF 83' (top photo) but the reality is its not that unusual. The (bottom 2 photos) I took recently as I hurriedly jumped into my wetsuit on a sunny Sunday.


  1. Related to that, i just read the piece on North Narra in the last Surfing World mag. Great stuff!


  2. Karina Smith here, My dad is Col Smith (Nth Narrabeen.) Just working with mum on our next photo shoot and was doing a random search on Morning Star Surfboards. Have one you might want to check out.