Col Smith Channel bottom

One of the most important design innovations of the T2 period was the development of the channel bottom. It is thought that the channel bottom led to today's single and double concaves. One man who is given much of the credit for developing the channel bottom is Newcastles's Col Smith, RIP, father of rookie Rique Smith. Not to be confused with Narrabeen's Col Smith AKA the rubberman who made Morning Star Surfboards. Col is also responsible for earning the design broad acceptance by winning the Pipe masters on one of his own channel bottom designs. A poet warrior in the classic sense.
Here is a photo of my own Col Smith shaped channel bottom, board double fly, pin tail single fin, a classic example of his designs. A similar example can be found here
The sad news is I no long have this board, having sold it for $220 to pay rent. The good news is I no longer have those shoes or that crappy Dodge ute either.

(Many thanks to Gerr for helping me out on this one).


  1. As long as you no longer have the sticker (on the Dodge's bonnet)... everything is fine!


  2. Damion, Narrabeen's Col Smith AKA the rubberman made Morning Star Surfboards.I think you mean Newcastle's less famous Col Smith RIP father of rookiie Rique Smith who won the Pro Class Trials on a channel bottom.

  3. Yep there were 2 Col Smiths. The chain smoking one from Steel City died early of guess wat LUNG CANCER but not before absolutely shredding Hawaii with that channel bottom design originally produced by Jim Pollard out of the Shane factory in Brookvale, Sydney.
    IMO his surfing was never bettered stylistically by anyone on those appalling thrusters that followed >_<

  4. To Whom It May Concern; Where's Jim Pollard? Is he still alive? Back in 78' he made me 3 boards that worked unreal! I lost contact w/him in early eighties! If anyone knows him tell him to contact me @! Aloha, Peter Toyama

  5. yes he's still alive