Early 80's Nias classic.

Mauli Remauldi from Bandung in central Java wrote to me with pics of his two boards. He thinks he might have seen the boards in an old surf movie. They look familiar to me too. I'm thinking I've seen a similar Bolt twin fin in the Nias scene in Storm Riders from 1982 and the T&C at Ala Monana bowls.
I love the way the guys in 'Storm Riders' travel for weeks through the jungle to surf the heavy point break at Lagundri bay for the first time and they only bring one board each. Then later in the movie you see them surfing the same boards at Honalua Bay in Maui!
They sure put us bootie and zinc cream wearing, multi board quiver, over equipped modern travelling surfers to shame.

Both Mauli's boards are for sale if your planning on traveling to the area any time soon.
His email is illumindo@yahoo.com


  1. Hey Damon. Can you send me Mauli's details or visa versa so we can talk about his boards. Interested in the T&C Single fin for fun days down at Yugu.

    Thanks mate.