The lost art of airbrush.

Martin Worthington sprays for Terry Fitzgerald circa 1977 from Hot Buttered

Thomas Campbell circa 2009 from Surfy Surfy

Since its birth in the late 80's, professionalism in surfing has given us the spectacle of some of the best surfers performing their art in some of the best waves in the world. It also spawned a plague of super light high performance surfboards that hardly lasted a season and therefore spelled the death of the much cherished tradition of the full deck surfboard spray.
We are hoping to encourage interest in the technique by way of introducing it to a new audience. We are looking for an airbrush artist to set up a booth to do a airbrush display at the up coming Deus Surf Market on the 10th of April.
I can promise to supply nothing more than a 3m x 3m tent, a table, a free t-shirt commemorating the event, free coffee and the love of 100 adoring new fans.
Any interested spray artists contact Kieth on 0417 217530 or email me at or

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