Teenage angst and Peter Schroff

You always want what you cant have.
As a teenage design student in the 80's all I wanted was a Schroff Blaster and pair of Schroff shorts.
Like some pop culture starved Eastern European behind the iron curtain trying make his own pair of Levis I hand drew Schroff graphics on my surfboard with marker pen, cut black and white self adhesive vinyl checker board shapes and stuck them down the side of my Chrysler Valiant and put the diagonal stripes on the rear window.
By the 90's I had a job and was travelling to the US for work. I met a guy who was working on music videos in Japan who had a phone number for Peter in Venice. He was art directing some instalations for Quiksilver at the time when I finally got up the nerve to ring him and ask if I could come over and give him some presents I'd brought from Australia.
He invited me over but by the time I found my way to Venice he'd had to go out.
I still remember how completely shattered I felt as I hung on to the receiver of the pay phone on the Venice boardwalk.

I'm so stoked he's shaping again. One day I will own my own original piece of surfable conceptual fine art. One day.

Pics from Schroff 80's gallery

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