Big Simon Anderson

I have always loved and admired the spray on the first thruster that Simon took to Hawaii. The classic energy spray with white rails and blue fade on the deck. I was in heaven when I found this 6'0" single hip, swallow tail twin fin designed and shaped by Simon Anderson because it had his classic spray. Its not as collectible as a thruster from the same year, but I don't care that Simon hates them, I like twin fins.

rare pic of Simon with a twin fin.

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  1. No wonder he didnt like them,look how bad his template is above,let alone his flyers and fin placement,poor GIANT never got hold of the speed and rail element so he put in a training fin to slow it all down for the kooks to get it together easier,back then the twinny hangers on still had more Sydney pollution puss fun than their anchored foes!PS;I love my thrustererers,Thankyou Simon.