40th anniversary of the Bonzer. Part 4. Birth of a Bonzer.

My favorite Hawaiian shaper Tim Orr from Kona has just fishinsed a new custom Bonzer in time to celebrate the 40th aniversary of the design. He has shared with us his documentation of the process.
But the question remains. Why is it called a Bonzer?

Happy customer.


  1. I dig the Bing-like art. There's a question for you- who cooked up the original Bing bonzer graphic art?

  2. Would that be Tom Curtis?
    I know Mike Eaton told me that Tom used to do all the incredible resin pinline work on the boards.
    Aloha from Hawaii

  3. Dave Hollander was the man who did the original "strobe" paintschemes... just did my Holy homework and researched the answer off of one of the original Bing Bonzer advertisements that I have from Surfer Mag. July 1974. The one with Duncan surfing and Mike Eaton holding up a sweet new Bonzer with the "strobe" colorwork on the bottom...super clean. Very cool.
    Much respect for all the craftsmen who led the way on the path of life.
    Peace, Love & Light!