McCoy for Cheyne '90

While I was at the Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction I noticed a blue board stashed amongst a pile of cardboard boxes under the stairs. I pulled it out and instantly recognized it as one of Cheyne Horan's competition boards by way of the rainbow rock logo, the southern cross spray, the Mormaii brazilian wetsuit company logo and the Geoff McCoy shapers decal. It was not nearly up to the pedigree or quality that Randy would let near the auction, so someone had snuck it in and stuck a for sale note on it.

As excited as I was, I had to consider the exorbitant additional baggage fees my low cost airline would charge me plus the cost of a board bag, and although the price was reasonable, I had to let it go. Still, I was stoked to see that boards of historical note are still out there floating around, if you know where to look.
(try under the stairs)

McCoy for Cheyne 
Australia - '90

I didn't get a board but I still had a great trip!

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  1. Mormaii is actually a brazilian wetsuit company