Holy Grail

I've been in the US just over one year this thanks giving. My mission secure and preserve a U.S innovation period surfboard collection has been going well, but there are still a few missing pieces to my puzzel. The holy grail, the mising jewel from my crown, is an early eighties Shawn Stussy shaped twin fin. Somtimes I start to think that they are not even real, they are goasts, figments of my blurred 80's imagination and my mission is a hoax. Then, trawling the internet, I stumble upon the holy grail, preserved on an East Coast. Reminding me that the only way to reach your destination is to put one foot in front of the other and keep hunting keep searching.

Of course, as soon as the correct swell pops up, I'm going to drive up to Rincon and drop into Shawn's new board shop located in Montecito's lower village at 1187 Coast Village Road and order a new "future classic" single fly swallow tail twin fin shaped by the man himself

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  1. Stussy, Hurley, Volcum, Quicksilver, OP, etc have done more to exploit and damage the chinese and the art of surfing than many others. Stussy who has many a lot of money has the balls to charge thousands of dollars for his pieces of crap. I would rather use a piece of plywood.