Obscure- yes. Complete- Almost. Part 2

Be careful what you wish for cause you just may get it.

After wishing to 'secure' a board from every shaper from the 1985 top 20 and already having 14 of the 20 I just found 2 of the remaining pieces in one place. A guy is selling a Kong model Hot Stuff as surfed by Gary Elkerton and a Local Motion as surfed by Buttons Kaluhiokalani on the East Coast. He will only sell them as a pair. Of course I don't have a penny spare after xmas. So I'm suggesting we get 20 people to 'invest' $30 each to secure them for prosperity. They will live at my house in Encinitas and as an investor you are welcome to take them for a surf if your in the area. I will photograph them and post the pics for reference. When we sell them on we will split the proceeds 20 ways. You might even make a profit! 
If you want to be a small part of obscure 80's surf history email me at damion@boardcollector.com 

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