McCoy Lazor Zap. Part 10. The UK connection

John wrote to us from the British Midlands with pics of his amazing find that was under his neighbors house,  A McCoy Lazor Zap inspired Cheyne Horan model shaped by Chris Jones of Vitamin Sea in the UK in aprox 1981.

He says- "Although I'm now based in the UK, I am originally from Bondi and knew Cheyne Horan growing up."

Small world.

To read more about the boards Vitamin Sea were doing in the 80's check out Alisdairs blog


  1. The Irony is John that I am from the British Midlands (Bham) live in Bondi - do not know Cheyne - But I do have a collection of McCoys and covet all that he does hahahaha !!!

  2. I posted elsewhere about the bottom shot above, which is from February 1981 Surfer or Surfing Mag, and the middle shot, which is from Big Bells April 1981. These show the date of those boards (thus they were not boards from 1979 Haleiwa). Regards