McCoy Lazor Zap. Part 13.

My good friend brought this recent listing to my attention.
A truly remarkable original example of the design with a sad story attached.
The owner had only recently purchased the board in 1980 when he was involved in a motorcycle accident that kept him out of the water ever since.

I've posted this pic of Cheyne in 1981 before but it bears repeating.

The other amazing posting of late was this incredible Al Merrick shaped comp board built for Tom Curren in 1983. 
It sold for what can only be described as the bargain price of US$1600 considering Channel Islands currently make this model and retail them for about US$800.

What a piece of surf culture history!


  1. I bought the Lazor Zap from the guy, its 9.9/10 condition with a perfect gloss coat. Goes with my 2 Cheyne boards. Pics if your interested.

    1. Hey ABC,
      We are very interested!
      We would love to see you pics.



  2. Ive got a few of Currens boards from the 80s, good to see there are others around.

  3. Heres a link