Silver Flight

After reading the California Surf Museum's historical archive that listed Bob Hurley as one of the the founders of Silver Flight I posted a pic of me riding this board with the caption, Sliver Flight, Bob Hurley's first label.

I was stoked when Bob Hurley wrote back.
"Larry Jackson from Sunline started Star Flight for Lonnie Buhn, a great Huntington Beach surfer and board maker. I was lucky enough to help Lonnie by shaping a few boards. Really good times and great people.. P.S. Bill Dinnie was partners with Larry and they both were behind Sliver Flight."

My good mate Huw from Bondi came down with his Mandala quad

We found a little reef / beach set up that was custom made for these boards.



Watch you for the shore break!

I'm stoked to be living on the part of the coast where you can bring your horse to the beach id you want to.


  1. My name is Michael and Larry was my father. That board was one of his personal boards.. I remember surfing that board on several occasions I'm glad to see it's lives on..

  2. My name is Michael and Larry was my father.. That was one of my dad's personal surf boards I've Surfed on it on many occasions..

  3. My very first board was a twin silver flight...