Oh my god! Part 1

Gavin is bringing the mother load of classics to the Deus / Boardcollector Surf Swap on the 10th of April.
This is an original 70's Lightning Bolt. It is a sweet white pigment 6'3" single in 8/10 condition; signed and "trademarked" as a Lightning Bolt - presumably from when the logo was being stolen and duplicated by so many, due to Lightning Bolts popularity and dominance at the time.


  1. Hi Mate, I enjoyed these pics, I am still waiting to find my own bolt, there is a gaping hole in my collection ;)
    Have you seen the vintagebolt.com site? Has some great info that I reckon you will like.


    GO Hard

  2. Alvy lives near Grassy Head NSW and is a regular on any Epic to Crappy day,he shoulda been out there surfin in his flics and unless he was a late blooma,he surfs betta than most of his subjects now,at what i guess is pushin 60! I have pulled out my minigun on a chunky day and he is out on a Abaliro Fish lookin twinny shreddin.