One Man's Treasure

Graeme wrote-
Thought you might be interested in this collection of surfboards and surf memorabilia that I was proudly shown.
The photos don't do it any justice, the gear was piled from the floor to the ceiling, including the ceiling. MR twinnies scattered through out, McCoy Tri & Laser Zaps in one part stacked 3 deep, a 7'2" Pat Rawson shaped for Tom Carroll and surfed at Hawaii in 1989 (with a pair of Tom's Quiksilver boardies). An amazing collection and a passionate surfer and collector.

California Surf Imports

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  1. I want to LIVE in that room! A peek into a world of color, smiles and happy memories. I do not need to see what all is there- but I do enjoy knowing that there IS a place like that... "treasure" is the correct term!