Surfboard Archaeology

Archaeology, is the study of past human societies, primarily through the recovery and analysis of the material, culture and environmental data which they have left behind. Archaeology studies human history from the development of the first stone tools in eastern Africa 2.5 million years ago up until recent decades. Since its early development, various specific forms of archaeology have developed, including maritime archaeology, feminist archaeology and archaeoastronomy, and numerous different scientific techniques have been developed to aid archaeological investigation.

I am pioneer in the field of surfboard archaeology. My main tool of research is my collection of blurred memories from my teens and my musty collection of books and surfing magazines that date from 1965 to present. My magazine collection is not sorted chronologically and has some big historical holes we shall refer to as the 'missing links'. So if I do find an article or photograph to accurately date a surf board it is more luck than pure research.
Of course I find this method of discovery a lot more fun than meticulous research.

My gut feeling is we may be onto something with this one. This board looks like it could be an important part of surf history.
The same way I imagine a genuine archaeologist might feel pulling a broken slither of pottery from a dusty dig in the Nile delta.

- Markings on the object indicate it was made in Hawaii, but it has ended up in Australia.
- Oversize sponsors logos indicate it was either,
A) Used for retail shop display.
B) Was used by a sponsored professional.
If it was used by a sponsored professional it would make sense that it was also used for A).
- 5'8" indicates it was a,
A) very fit individual or a talented surfer ie. a sponsored professional
B) A young kid, who would be unlikely to be shipping surfboards from Hawaii to Australia in 1978.

Of course the answer to the mystery of whether this board is an important piece of surf history, shaped for Dane, Larry or Russel to compete in the 2SM Surfabout as I suspect, lie in the columns of the dusty shapers order book in the Town & Country factory in Pearl City Hawaii.
In the name of science I have contacted T&C, but to no avail.

You may of noticed I blogged about NOT winning this board on ebay. This is true, it went to Melbourne where the buyer was unhappy with effects of the rich life the board has led. Thankfully he re-listed and I picked her up nice and cheap.

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