Boardcollector at Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo San Diego

I have been invited to sit on the panel of 'expert' apraisers at Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo in San Diego on Saturday August 14th.
I hope to bring my own insights into 'innovation period' surfboard design and perhaps a unique Australian angle. I am stoked to be sitting with the likes of Steve Pezman of the Surfers Journal and I cant wait to meet some of my American followers of boardcollector in person!

Collectable Surfboards and Vintage 'Paper' Highlight PBS Style 'Antique Roadshow' presented by Primo Beer.
"Experts want to see your treasure".

The upcoming Sacred Craft Consumer Surf Expo has something for everybody -- even antique collectors. The Vintage Surfboard & Surf Memorabilia "Antique Roadshow" presented by Primo Beer is modeled after PBS TV's highly successful "Antique Roadshow" series. The Sacred Craft version of "Roadshow" invites the general public to bring collectable surfboards and memorabilia to a panel of experts for appraisal. The panel assigns a value to the items, but more importantly they often uncover the provenance, or story, behind the value of the item.

"The power of the "Roadshow" lies in the 'buried treasure concept,'" said Scott Bass, Expo Director. "Many of us possess, in our garage or attic, or perhaps under the house, a collectable surfboard; a board that for whatever reason holds intrinsic value above and beyond the value of a regular or 'normal' used surfboard. If the board has a strong provenance, well, this generally increases its value. Perhaps it was on the cover of a surf magazine, or Skip Frye crafted it for G&S back in 1971; whatever the case, our appraisers want to see it."

But 'roadshow' isn't just about surfboards. Surf 'paper', as the experts refer to it, is also of import to the collectors and appraisers. Maybe you possess an old Rick Griffin surf movie poster from the La Paloma, or a San Diego World Contest program, or perhaps a business card from Bob Simmons or signed photo of Duke Kahanamoku. Any item that you think may be worth something, the appraisers would love to see it, and to help you better understand its provenance and possible market value. The more information you can bring to the discussion, the more accurate the appraisal.

We all probably have a bit of buried treasure; we just may not know it! The vintage Surfboard "Antique Roadshow" appraisals presented by Primo Beer will visit the Sail Pavilion in the San Diego Convention Center one day only, on Saturday August 14 from 10am-4pm as a part of the 2-day Sacred Consumer Surfboard Expo. Expert appraisers will be on hand for surfboards, surf 'paper', surf posters, surf magazines, surf art, surf books and surf memorabilia. Please bring out your surf collectables for appraisal -- and a great time.

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  1. Well done Damo, hard work has it's rewards.
    Hopefully some gems come back to Oz, be sure to look up Pete Tillack Expat Cronulla surfer who runs his own art gallery out of San Diego.
    Be safe and have fun.