Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo appraisals

I was like a kid in a candy store!
Can you belive they let me stand there and talk about old old surfboards all day and even filmed it for TV.

Shawn and big Simey Anderson celebrating 30 years of the thruster.


  1. Woooo that looks amazing, take heaps of photos for us Mate, what is a big pink Bolt worth? who shaped it etc etc ...... wish I was there, lets hope Micks auction brings out some worthy gems for us to froth over.


  2. Had a great time at the Expo. Glad to have had a chance to meet. The lightning bolt did seem to draw plenty of attention. Still not sure what I'll do with it. I may take up the offer to send it down under for the auction. I'll send you some pics of the Nuuhiwa dyno and the brewer hollow.