Nectar twin fin. Part 2

This Saturday I saw this nice second hand 2012 model Nectar double fly swallow tail that has almost exactly the same tail set up as my old Nectar twin fin.
Which to me emphasizes the point of this writing this blog. 
That point is to explore and evaluate designs from the past to see if and how they are relevant to the boards we ride today. 
Although the tail is almost the same its very interesting to note how the wide point has dropped down the board significantly.

1, 2 lovely bumps.

1, 2 , 3 , 4 lovely Nectar twin fins. Surfer June 1981

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  1. This was made for me in 2005 nicknamed "Old Faithful" custom Iron Butterfly model 5'10". Actually had 4 of these but this one was the magic one, surfed in daily at Swamis 2-8ft and it worked best with large MR style plastic side fins and a tiny trailer, somehow the plastic one's had the right flex so who know why. I miss this board because the one I have now is not as good.