Ghetto Juice

From Ghetto Juice-
Kurt Steinmetz has a ton of old surfboards and entertains us yet again with another doozy from his collection.... An old Hurley board that he picked up back in the day.... Since we're down with Bob Hurley, we asked Bob to tell us all he could remember about this board and here’s what he said.... “Yeah, ”said Bob. “I think that is a team hoard.. ..either Pugsley, Thom MC Elroy or Ron Quigley's. Looks like a 5.8 x 2 3/8 double bump swallow...single concave with roll in the nose. Boards
were evolving quickly at the time.. .I was working hard to keep pace with how fast surfing was progressing. This one was influenced heavily by Greg Pautsch. His McCoy boards were really advanced and we were just transitioning to thrusters from twins. The idea of a no nose and surfing in the pocket was being pioneered by Cheyne Horan, Geoff McCoy and Greg. It was airbrushed by John Vartanian and Glassed by Greg Martz at Watermans super light and really flexible... great little boards for barrels...especially 54th street. ”

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