Wish list. Part 3. Houston we have a problem.

3 twin fin surfboards for sale on the internet.
Eberly and Schroff.

Single fly swallow and rounded square.
For sale in Houston, therein lies the problem.

The good news is these boards are still out there and available.

China = China plate. Plate = Mate.
Put it on a rail mate!


  1. This Bolt is beautiful.. finish'd a tree removal,then drove to houston, to pick her up! My first of 4 twin fin bolts that has a "pink" bolt.. Texas holds it's own, on mint condition vintage boards..she is flawless.. by the way, no eberly.. owner was incorrect.. russel model
    (have a replica Martin potter T&C ifinterested)

    1. Congradulations on the score.
      We'd love to see the T&C.
      Please share the pics!


  2. email for martin potter replica is turtlehead26@hotmail.com