Energy thruster fan.

Adam wrote- 
"Just wanted to share some pic's of my Simon Anderson thrusters. 
I was always of the opinion that multi logos was a team board ? 
I have had the sticker since I visited Simon's shop in Waterloo Street Narrabeen in the 80's, note the 7 digit phone number. 
I remember mum driving me down to check the shop in her Valiant Safari Wagon."

Adam could be right. I have only ever seen the triple logo on boards being ridden by Simon Anderson, Scott Beggs and Mike Newling. Then again, the glasser could have just gone logo crazy that day. 
Without any way to contact Simon, Scott or Mike I guess we will never know.


  1. What happened to Newling?hope he's still surfing.

    1. The last time I spoke to Mike he was working as a successful fashion and lifestyle photographer in Sydney.