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Sky twin fin

Jason wrote:
These are some of the boards in my collection. I have ridden most of these boards. In terms of performance, the Maurice Cole (rip curl), the Stussy and the T & C twin are probably the pick of the bunch. 
Do you think that T & C twin is shaped by Laurie Byrne? 
My understanding is Laurie was shaping Bertlemann's under licence in Australia and the spray is similar to Berts from the period. Furthermore, the Bert in my collection & the T & C have the same fins.

Maurice Cole shaped Rip Curl

San Jaun thruster

Aloha quad.

Town and Country twin fin

Larry Bertleman twin fin

Ben Aipa twin fin

Shawn Stussy shaped thruster

Town & Country thruster

Mystery quad with Sunbreaker decal under glass.
Denis might be able to help us out.
Was this board made at the Energy factory?

Denis say:-

I don't think this board came out of the Energy factory as all Sun Breaker boards came out of Pacific Dreams. They were shaped by Roy Lee and Sam Egan. 

Maui and Sons sticker is interesting as Sam and Marg Egan where Oz agents for Maui around this time (Luke Egan was one of their sponsored riders )so maybe a friend of Sams owned the board as I dont recall ever ordering a quad. I am pretty sure guys who owned Sun Breaker in USA never made boards so I can at least assume it is Australian and maybe a custom .
Hope you and your family are well

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