Gerry Lopez 6'4"

Clément wrote-
Sorry for my english, it's not my natural language.
I'm a surfer living in Peru. One month ago, in Peru, I was lucky to find an old single surfboard with the inscription "Gerry Lopez". Passionate about surfing in the 60's & 70's (congratulations for your beautiful blog!), I wish to know more about the history of this board because always it's an amazing feeling to surf an old surfboard with his own history. I found some pictures of Gerry in Java between 1973-75 with surfboards of same type and similar decoration.
The surfboard is an 6'4. There is only one inscription on the board. It's the number 5451.
Do you have some ideas o information about the fabrication of this board (shaper, etc...) or his history ? Any information will make me happy.

I can wait to try the board in the waves of Chicama!

Wow! What a fantastic find.
This board looks a lot like the boards Gerry took to G-Land in the movie "Storm Riders" where he famously surfed the long hollow left hander alone in nothing but a pair of sky blue speedos.
I understand when Gerry split from Lightning Bolt he started his own label, Pipeline, and started shaping under his own name, still does to this day.

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