Mick Mock's Surf Auction of Vintage Surfboards & Memorabilia

Saturday, September 26th, 2010
Public viewing of lots from 3pm to 5pm
includes registration

Sunday, September 26th, 2010
Public viewing of lots 9am to 10am
includes registration

Auction commences 10.30am sharp.
Harbord Diggers Club
Cnr of Evans st and the Drive Harbord
Sydney NSW Australia.

Mick will not be listing on the Internet or taking Internet bids.
He is strictly old school.


  1. I went to the auction, I think it was a little rough, the guys doing the actual actioneering were going at it from the wrong angle for the particular crowd. A lot of boards earlier on were passed over too soon because the auctioneer started too high and then lost interest and moved on.Too many people on stage for sure !!
    Some good boards certainly were there.

  2. Mick is a good bloke
    the auction is a scam not the way to score old boards by any means

  3. Does anyone know how to contact Richard Cram? Please reply to benlexcen@yahoo.com

  4. Ive got one on Crams old Aloha boards and tried to sell it in Manly and the guy told me get stuffed. Its got the spider on the front but the board is a little heavy -
    The Dugong

    1. Hey Dugong
      If you'd like to email me on gavsearthbound@yahoo.com I'd be interested in getting the board for Damion who runs this awesome blog

  5. Hi Everyone.

    I have a 1970's Gordon & Smith - Terry Bishop Custom Design Board.
    Looking to sell the board if anyone is interested.


  6. Any collector out there interested in an MP Aragorn Board? U can contact me at bdp.bali@gmail.com

  7. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for a surfboard by Crystal Surfboards made around 1976 by Bruce Bissell. One was last seen at Mick Mocks 2010 Auction. Please reply to jau_b@hotmail.com.

    Cheers, Jacquie

  8. I have a crystal surfboard shaped by Bruce Bissell. It is approximately 6foot 6inches and has a single timber fin. Any enquires please reply to dano.79@live.com.au

  9. Hi everyone,
    I’m still on the search for a Crystal Surfboard made by Bruce Bissell around the mid 1970’s. Would absolutely love to have it back in the family. Decal on surfboard is colourful hand drawn wave with surfer and shell and flower on the beach. Here’s a link to decal - credit thanks to Steve’s Surfresearch https://www.surfresearch.com.au/mCrystal_1976_Bissell.jpg
    Please contact me jbissell@live.com.au .
    Cheers Jacquie