Wilmington mono hull.

Rohan kindly sent me a link from Swaylocks surfboard design forum on the board Cheyne Horan was riding at the 83 OP Pro Wilmington (not Atlantic City).

This explains away a few mysteries as to why there were no McCoy logos on Cheyne rainbow serpent boards and why the nose of the board look like a boat.

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  1. As I recall... Cheyne "drafted" various shapers to shape "hulls" for the "winged keel"; he seemed to fully believe in the fin and its concept but was open to "other" interpretations of surfboards. This one is obviously a Linden, and I believe that Terry Fitz may have done some as well. I know that a Florida shaper (I'm sorry- I forgot his name) made some good ones too. Check the "boat" nose super soft rails up front, and the razor sharp rail-line at the tail, the funny thing is... if you tried to "make" it look like a surfboard "should" (relatively) the board did'nt work, but if you stuck with the concept above... it is/can be a pretty fun board to ride. NOT recommended for "kelpy" environments as the fin is rake-less. I like to think of it as a "single-fin fish", a thick,wide,short board designed to "skate" on smallish/powerless waves. Remember the pro tour wasn't always going to the "dream spots" it does these days. Cheyne had guts to break away, to try such a wild concept (if you doubt it worked- check the Bells finals results against Tom Carroll) while pressing for a world title. Much respect.