Wilmington Mono Hull Part 2.

Rohan wrote-
This board of Cheynes (image also from Swaylocks) is the most interesting and beautiful looking shape I think I've ever seen from this era - shaped by Terry Fitzgerald supposedly.

Anonymous wrote-
As I recall... Cheyne "drafted" various shapers to shape "hulls" for the "winged keel"; he seemed to fully believe in the fin and its concept but was open to "other" interpretations of surfboards. This one is obviously a Linden, and I believe that Terry Fitz may have done some as well. I know that a Florida shaper (I'm sorry- I forgot his name) made some good ones too. Check the "boat" nose super soft rails up front, and the razor sharp rail-line at the tail, the funny thing is... if you tried to "make" it look like a surfboard "should" (relatively) the board didn't work, but if you stuck with the concept above... it is/can be a pretty fun board to ride. NOT recommended for "kelpy" environments as the fin is rake-less. I like to think of it as a "single-fin fish", a thick,wide,short board designed to "skate" on smallish/powerless waves. Remember the pro tour wasn't always going to the "dream spots" it does these days. Cheyne had guts to break away, to try such a wild concept (if you doubt it worked- check the Bells finals results against Tom Carroll) while pressing for a world title.

Much respect.

Gary wrote-
Here's a hot buttered zap with a slightly ridged keel in good
condition I spotted at the Bondi single fin meet last november. Could
be original though couldn't tell


  1. Damion that was Ricky Carroll of Pro shapes who made some of Cheynes boards.Also Cheyne hung with Bernie Crouch(Mad Dog surfboards)in the late 80's in Daytona Bch. and brought a Wayne Lynch keel with him that Bernie still has.I rode it back in the late 90's and could'nt turn it. Good stuff !!!!!


  2. Hey Reese! THAT is the name I was trying to think of; Ricky Carroll Thanks for "covering" me!

  3. i have one of these hulls "TO CHEYNE RR JULY 84"written behind fin box.Interested in value.

  4. Are you interested in selling the TO CHEYNE RR JULY 84 ?

  5. As I heard it Terry Fitz made the first few winged keel boards, Then LInnden, Then Rusty, Ricky Carroll, Rich price, Fox surfboards and numerous shapers over the years have made them. The white one form scream in blue that he climbed back into the top 16 with against Kingsley Looker was a beauty also and in my opinion the yellow board he rode in that movie from 1987 was the first nugget.

  6. The Florida shaper you are referring to is Bernie Crouch- owner of Mad Dog SUrfboards, Daytona Beach, FL.

  7. i found a great Bernie Crouch surfboard todAY