I'm off to Biarritz in South West France next week for the first time in my life. Its been on my top 5 dream surfing destinations for 20 years and I'm so stoked to be finally going. 

I can picture it now, I'm sitting outdoors at a beach side cafe drinking a nice bottle of red in the early evening sunset, wondering how I'm going to get down to the waters edge and into some of the worlds best beach break A frame peaks, past all the crowds of naked girls.

I'd really love to buy a board to surf and for the collection when I'm there. Something from 1975 to 1985 from a European shaper. If you know anyone in Hossegor / Bairritz that might have an old twin fin / single fin / thruster to sell me please hook me up with them!

Fantastic pic from Alasdair's blog Vintage Surfboard Collector UK

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