Wave Tools Part 10- Preston Murray

I was stoked to receive an email from 80's Newport legend Preston Murray and hear that he's been checking out the blog. He sent me some amazing photo's of himself and future surf wear mogul and influential surfer Danny Kwok as frothin' teenagers with their custom Wave Tools stingers.

Preston Murray

Danny Kwok

Preston sent me a pic of the original custom order form for his step tail flame spray stinger from the picture above. 

Preston wrote- "A little story about the Wave Tools logo on this board. Danny Kwock created it out of two different sized Wave Tools laminates to emulate the Aipa Logo in size and shape".
This board is much like the Apia stinger that MR was riding in 1978.


  1. Just found a 6-82 / 66 Preston Murray Wave Tools board in the garbage 5-10 in Nice condition. Brought it over to my shaper he fixed it up. and its like riding a time machine. Love this thing

  2. Crazy. They look a lot like my dads Stings.By the way, he can't stand it when people call them " Stingers".
    ----Duke Aipa------