Martin Potter's Twin

Probably one of the most recognizable twin fins of my generation belonged to the then 16 year old Martin Potters. His green and yellow splash T&C. To me one of the most memorable and enduring twin fins of the modern era. It is ironic that Martin became famous on this twin fin because it was partly his explosive style and mastery of the new Thruster design that hastened the end of the twin fin / single fin period.


  1. Bitchen’, as always…

    The last two shots (I think) are either frame-grabs, or from the same session as, from “Free Ride ‘82” ). The Pottz footage was a wrap-around-cutty, back into the hook/barrel, and then A-L-M-O-S-T pulling it off…even more rare than the 360 (regular or backhand), this was the closest I had seen to an “infinity-symbol-carve.” Wicked…

    There was also a circa Gotcha’ mag-ad that had that board 20’ out of the water (no feet/hands/body in sight, maybe a hyper-extended leg-rope) that said, “None for Us; None for Martin Potter Either”…as cryptic and as inspiring as Gotcha’s earlier “Survival-wear for The New Age,” or another that I’ve forgotten, or one from my own strange REM dreams: “Gotcha’…Hey, Man, Get Off the Stage.”

    Do you have a line on MPotter’s “The Saint” board from hometown Africa? Similar and same-time as Occy’s Banks’ twin-fin with the weird orange/blue geo-spray?

    Oh, and I can’t remember if *this* was the year that Herbie Fletcher (?) towed Pottz into a huge Second Reef Pipe tube (sh*t-NO, not on this board), or was it the next? I think/thought it was the same year that Michael Ho won the Pipe Masters with a cast/broken wrist and a strip of AstroDeck, that basically made a “pig-dog” socially acceptable. 1982? ’83?

    Thomas Tyle
    Cosmic Dog
    Conjurer of Lofty Titles