Number Crunch

I'm stoked to let you know that today we have had our 200,000th unique visitor to the site.
Thank you all for visiting!
The bad news is I now have passed the 1000 mark of unread emails.
Please don't stop writing! 
I appreciate you contacting to me and I endeavor to get back to you when I can which, truthfully, is when I'm on the toilet, stuck in traffic or waiting in line for a coffee / to check in at the airport / to get my car repaired etc.

I literally started this blog it when my generally patient and supportive wife became sick of me talking to her about late 70's early 80's surfboards and said 'isnt there someone else you can talk to about this?'
Embarrassed, I said 'I don't know, I don't think so, I'll try starting a blog.......'

Most viewed posts:

Number of boards in my collection documented in on this blog:

Number of boards that I've left under peoples houses, lent to friends and not got back, stored in the raffers of garages long since abandoned and currently in the back of the shed awaiting some 'restoration'.
About a dozen.

This blog has given me so many new friends all over the world. 
I look forward to meeting the next 200,000 of you.
Jake helping me shoot a new acquisition this afternoon.

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