Snapper rocks?

I was sleeping on the plane when I was woken up for landing. I lifted the blind to see what I thought was a familiar sight, Coolangatta, Snapper Rocks and the beginning of the Gold Coast.
I said to myself, "damn the superbank is flat today".

Then I realized I was landing in Chicago and I was looking at Lake Michigan.


  1. Guess that's the surfer equivalent of waking up in a hotel room with no idea where you are!

  2. I know the feeling

    I started collecting old surf videos from my era, 50s, 60s, 70s etc

    My wife would not watch them .

    I now have about 500 in my collection and we don't discuss them, each day I sit down and watch one on my own, and thats OK by me.

    Remember the old adage " Happy wife, happy life"

    Good luck with your time management