McCoy Lazor Zap. Part 1

I'm stoked to be able to share with you of the three examples of one the most interesting and important surfboard designs of the T2 / innovation period. 
• A McCoy tear drop design custom made to be given as a prize at the O.M Bali Pro in 1981.
• A Geoff McCoy shaped, Cheyne Horan comp board, predecessor to the Lazor Zap that bears the inscription "this is it".
• A Geoff Mc Coy shaped, Mark Warren comp board.

The middle board can be seen ridden in a number of comps and in a number of overseas locations in the video above. A testament to Geoff's skills as a shaper and a quality board builder that the board has latest so well after such an eventful life.

the same board in, this time in California, in 1982.

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  1. Just to correct you on a couple of details
    Cheyne claims the Red and Yellow comp
    Board is a Lazor Zap as it has the "no nose" design which was precedent to the teardrop development.
    The board with the traditional
    Checkerboard spray by his claim is a Lazor Zap despite not having the tear drop wide tail.

    The OM board was purported to be shaped for an "Owen" someone for the Bali OM comp to compete on. No confirmation on veracity of story.