McCoy Lazor Zap. Part 5

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I have continued experimenting with the Lazor Zap design.
The board worked great on the beach breaks and at the 3ft point break. 
I performed some of the fasted and losest cut backs and top turns of my life, although it did seem to struggle a little in the pocket on my back hand. Which made me wonder. 
How would it perform in the barrel? 
I've seen footage of Cheyne surfing Burleigh on a Lazor Zap and tube riding in Indo in Wizards of the Water. But would an average 'Joe' be able to get a 21" wide tail into a barrel?
I decided to forgo my pin tail thruster and took the Lazor Zap out for a run at a well know reef break.

The answer for me is 'yes and no'.

The extra foam and short lenght helped me get into some wedging peaks nice and early on some sets, even beating out a bunch of young body boarders accustomed to doing free fall drops. But when I got  to the bottom and the water started draining off the reef it was a different story. I had to the nurse the board through some long drawn out bottom turns and it still side slipped on me once or twice, which resulted in me getting bounced off the reef and a tear in my wetsuit. But when the thing got in the pocket it went like a rocket. I even pulled off a couple of top turns at speeds which my normal equipment could never deliver.


  1. This type of review, documentation and objective write up is good. It's what you used to get at the better old shops/ Surfboard factories prior to them becoming department stores for fashion. Keep up the good work.