McCoy Lazor Zap. Part 7. "Happy 21st Birthday Cheyne!"

Randy Rarrick has shared with us a true surf board collectors fairy tail story of a board found in a garbage can in the back streets of Bondi:

This is a classic example of when you SHOULD restore a board!  
It was a significant board, because it was built by Geoff McCoy for Cheyne's 21st birthday and it was Cheyne's personal board.  
The collector who commissioned the restoration found the board in really bad condition and in the condition that it was in, it was not something you could be really proud of hanging on a wall or trying to ride.  Thus, he gave it to me for a complete restoration.  
It had the nose broken, a giant chunk missing from the rail, caved in deck, and missing baby swallow.  Colors were faded, stickers delaminated and all in all, in terrible condition.

I contacted Geoff McCoy to get new McCoy laminates and since there were none of the winged "Cheyne" logo's left, I had to carefully re-use the original.  
The same applied to the big RIP CURL logo on the bottom, as even Rip Curl didn't have any of those, so I had to carefully once again, re-use the original.  
The board was dinged, crushed and caved in and it took a lot of work to rebuild it to original specs, then reapply the color scheme to hide the repairs and then reglass it with the correct logo placement.  We didn't want to loose the personalized writing on the bottom, as this was a unique "Lazor Zap" with Geoff McCoy's script written into the blank on the bottom and personalized specifically for Cheyne.

All in all, an important board brought back from the dead and the fact that it's a Geoff McCoy, make's it all that more significant!

Full restoration by Randy Rarick, June of 2012

Cheyne's 21st birthday party in Newport Beach


  1. Thongs are the best tail protectors. That board is awesome.

  2. Nice restoration job, but I remember that board super well, being Geoff's Godson, the original colour was Pink, white and yellow, is it just the pic?, to my eye the new restoration looks more red now, why would you not colour match?