McCoy Lazor Zap. Part 8.

Phil wrote:
I found this indulgent photo of myself back from 1983,
taken by my mum before my school formal (prom).
I could kick myself really hard for selling this jem of a board.
It went like a rocket,
Cheyne actually helped me order the board, I asked for a version like his,
but he advised not to get the fiull 18 inch tail width,
which am glad I took his advice.
all the best!


  1. Greg Paush shape I wonder

  2. I own this board now. Bought it in 1987 for $50 from a sports store in Dee Why. Buggered if I can surf it but like the look of the fin in that photo. Had a plastic Lexcen keel when i got it.

  3. no. not shaped by Greg Pautch from Cali, was shaped by one of the other shapers from the McCoy factory at Avoca,
    would love to see what the board looks like these days.
    timeless design!

  4. from memory the shaper mark on the bottom was "Dave"