1982 Coca Cola 2SM Surfabout. Part 2

With the surf sub-par in Sydney for the kick off of the 1982 Surfabout, the event headed South to Bendalong via Aussie Pipe, on the NSW south coast, where it was 3-4ft. The ocean then went flat and the event had to be extended by several days. It resumed at Avalon in a rising, 2-4ft. South swell and was moved to DeeWhy point when it hit 5-8ft. 
It was finalised in 5-7ft. Cronulla Point. Hawaiian Dane Kealoha made his first Surfabout final after eliminating Martin Potter in a semi final, but Kealoha was beaten by a fired up Wayne Bartholomew, who won $30, 000. “Rabbit” knocked out local Jim Banks in the other semi. Nick Carroll wrote in tracks-  
"In Surfabout “Rabbit’s” full competitive arsenal was revealed...It was a victory of stamina determination and experience."
Rabbit off the top at Cronulla Point

Rabbit off the bottom at Dee Why Point.

Dane Kealoa or Vince Klyne

Vince Klyes 1982 Surfabout T&C labelled Laurie Bryne shaped clinker bottom twin fin.


  1. Is there a clip of this on you tube?I would love to see it

  2. there was full tv show made about surfabout for a few years... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhcaAS_NUKc