Board test: Almond "Sano Special"

Board test: Almond "Shark proof"
Almond Surfboards make high quality, beautifully finished vintage inspired modern surfboards out of Newport Beach California.

This week I'm test riding their 'Sano Special' model shaped by Griffin Neumann-Kyle.
Construction: Fibre glassed foam blank, triple wood stringer.
Length: 9'0"
Nose: 16.5"
Wide point: 21.5"
Tail: 15.5"
Thickness: 3"
Features: The most notable features of this board, aside from its overall length and thickness that provide a joyous amount of paddling ability, is what I would describe as a high performance, extra responsive tail design. Upon stoking into my fist wave I was immediately surprised at how well and quickly this board could turn, even in very small waves, compared to vintage boards of the similar dimensions. The true advantage of post modern design is the ability to combine the best elements of the past with functional advancements in design from the present. Aesthetically the board retains the best elements of the long board era but this board has the added functionality that comes from a more refined foil, rail and tail design.
I'm a man who generally rides boards in the 6' range, but I can not deny the pure joy of the glide that you can get from this board.
It is simply a lot of fun to ride. Adding a board like this to the quiver could turn an otherwise disappointing Saturday morning in 1 to 3ft surf into the highlight of the week.

Dave from Almond wrote  "Griffin shaped me this board for a trip up the coast to San Francisco for a Halogen TV  episode. He wrote Shark Proof, so that I wouldn't get eaten up north.  He was afraid if a shark got me, he'd be out of a job."

From 'Surflife"

From "Surflife"

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  1. Re "The guy I bought it from said he had it custom made while he was living on the north shore of Oahu, around Sunset Beach. He said he was friends with Gary Elkerton, but he would call him "Bongo" instead of Kong" Bongo is Gary's late brother. maybe he bought it off him?