Mango surfwear team board. Part 2.

Speaking of Mango team riders and world champ Barton Lynch, Adam wrote to say-
"Just wanted to share some pics of my Barton Lynch Aloha my dad purchased from Greg Clough at Aloha Surfboards at Harboard Rd Brookvale in the 80's.  He rode this and it has been in the family ever since. The board has Bartons signature "Moon and Mango logos" and BL marked on blank it is 5'10, single hip, 4 channels, with foam filled fins, 4 once glass & super lite.  Its a piece of history.

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  1. I worked for Mango at the time and can tell you that this Mango Logo "this post" pre dates this one "
    Victory Wetsuits / Mango Surfwear team board mystery." who shaped the boards? i have no idea...though was near the end for Mango.