1982 Coca Cola 2SM Surfabout winner's trophy.

Anonymous Gold Coast Board Hoarder wrote- 
"Here's my $5 purchase from the Curumbin tip.
WINNER 1982 Surfabout.
Who could that be??"

1982 Coca Cola 2SM Surfabout. I see a Rabbit in the crowd.

"The story goes that years ago, Rabbit lent his trophy’s to Micheal Peterson for display in his surf shop.
Supposedly MP scooped them up and threw them away down at the tip and this may have been one of those.
Where it’s been since then I don’t know, but it popped up at the tip shop 4-5 years ago.
I think there is a more detailed account of this incident in one of the books about MP.
A friend had it on display in a surf shop at Coolangatta and apparently Rabbit walked in one day and verified it, quote:

“That’s my Fucking trophy how did it get here?”

Wayne beating Shaun in the quarter finals of the 1982 Surfabout on his way to the finals.

Rabbit at Dee Why Point during the 1982 Coca Cola 2SM Surfabout.
(I was on the point leaning on Derek Hynd's brown Mazda RX7 wearing my school uniform).
Simon accepts a similar trophy in 1981.
20K + car + a handsome trophy!

1982 Event 1: Straight Talk Tyres Open. Winner Cheyne Horan.
1982 Event 2: Subbies Surf Classic. Winner Cheyne Horan.

1982 Event 3: Rip Curl Easter Classic. Winner Mark Richards.

1982 Event 4: Coca-cola 2SM Surfabout. Winner "Rabbit".

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  1. that has to be the ugliest 'trophy' of all time...but then maybe its so bad its 'good'