Right tools for the job. Part 2

I have a board rack by my bed with about 20 boards on in. I often lie in bed and stare at the different tails and fin set ups and wonder how each of these designs would perform in serious, quality waves. So when I go on surf trips I always pack one vintage board from the collection. This always annoys my traveling companions and gets me charged excess baggage but I don't care.
On this trip to Bali I decided to see how a 6'0" single fly swallow tail Lightning Bolt twin fin would go at low tide Padang Padang. I had always imagined that this board would sit really nicely in the tube. What I didn't think about was how it was meant to do a bottom turn.

In the first 2 shots you can see my friend take off and pull in on a nice new rounded pin tail thruster. In the last shot you can see me taking off on the next wave. You can see the twin fin completely spinning out and you can see me about to get smashed on the dry reef in the fore ground.

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  1. Let's get a look at that board and hear your ideas on why it didn't work.