Australian made Star Bolt / Lightning Bolt twin fin

On the first weekend back in Australia the weather cleared up and I had the joy of reacquainting my self with the collection of boards I left behind in OZ.

Mark Richards at Burleigh Heads, 1981

The first board I decided to get wet was my early 80's Australian made Lightning Bolt twin fin that was more than likely shaped by Greg Clough in the Aloha factory in Brookvale. I love the spray on this board as its a similar to that of a Star Bolt model the MR was riding back in the day.

We packed our back pack and put on our hiking thongs and started walking to our local secret spot.

This little reef break is hidden from view from the highway and rarely gets more than a few people out at a time.

there were a couple of nice sets coming through that put the 30 year old twin fin through its paces.

the water was so clear I could see the reef and my own shadow shooting across the bottom

the peak was breaking left and right.

After a while I was glad for some company.
'Hey mate, you better duck dive that one nice and deep'

look out, here comes the rock ledge

I just love that yellow lightning bolt on the deck

Later that day my mate Aaron joined me and I caught him doing one of his 360's on a little one.

the book both my mother and auntie gave me for my 12 birthday featuring MR in his orange green and blue lightning bolt twin fin

I found that this is a really good way to hurt yourself. 
Doing a cut back into the section that's turning itself inside out on a rock shelf.


  1. Would have to say that is a Bad Ass Bolt!!
    What is the serial # on your Red Eberly model.. Just curious, mine Eberly 02471... just curious how far off they are?

  2. Any idea on why my 02992 Rory twin fin, would have a white clark foam laminate, and not black like all the rest I have seen??? What does this represent? any idea's... I give mad props to who ever shaped this board.