Jet twin fin.

Staring at the racks, I was intriged by the interesting shape of this early 80's Tony Cerff shaped Jet twin fin from Byron bay.
The nose looked really wide and the tail realy small. I was wondering if it would go at all.

So I took it out for a paddle on a nice day at the point

I got a few out there on my back hand. 
It caught waves easy enough, but It seemed to have a bit of trouble getting going. Once it was going down the line the thing could turn on the head of a pin.

Even though it was small I still got flogged. 
Here I am climbing the rope.

Not only is it wide at the nose and narrow at the tail it was also very flat with a subtle rocker.

I do love the sight of looking down the line as the waves begins to surge an wall up. 
It feels like flying an makes you think that anything is possible.

Uncle Keith was out there there making a name for himself.

And Aaron was taking some nice drops over the boil.


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