First wave in Australia

Straight off the plane from the US all I wanted to do was get in the water.

It was stormy outside and I was a little nervous when I checked the swell size and direction online.
I knew I'd need something that could handle some bumps and a bit of power.

It was raining pretty heavily as I headed down the coast.
So I was glad to have my Neal Purchase shaped 6' 5" channel bottom, single fly, rounded pin tail single fin on board

this is the first wave I saw back on home turf

the added length and narrow tail did the trick

it's good to be home

final exit after a long tube ride

it was going nice and square over the ledge

then, by co-incidence Ryan sent me these pics of this beautiful Local Knowledge, channel bottom, single fly, rounded pin tail single fin thats in much better condition than mine.

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